maybe it is not about me

Okay. Here’s the deal. I want to talk about fasting.

I want to talk about what the reward is.

I want to talk about this incredibly cool image that God paints in Isaiah about fasting not being about being selfish and simply not eating the food you have, but it’s about sharing a meal with people who don’t have food.

I would love to consider the irony that a person fasting might actually eat, giving up not food, but reputation to be eating with the people that no one else will eat with.

It’s not, according to God, about laying around feeling weak, but it’s about actively breaking bonds, taking the time that you would spend on eating and researching injustice or breaking up fights or writing letters to the local foodbank.

It’s not about reveling in my ability to choose to not eat but it’s about helping people who don’t have the freedom to decide anything about anything, the people who are trapped in all kinds of bondage.

I would love to talk about the fact that the people who pursue active fasting  are told by God that they can call out to him and he will listen to them. He will hear them and will choose to not listen to the people who are involved in showy fasting, the kind that gets attention for the suffering that it inflicts on the faster.

I would love to examine what beside food we could give up, what ways we could pursue justice. I would love to spend time working through all these things.

But I keep needing to look at my email in the odd chance that something will show up. And I keep checking my twitter feed to see if someone responded. And there are so many things I…

One thought on “maybe it is not about me

  1. Philip

    what about a twitter fast? or a social media fast? you’d have lost of time to go and talk with some people who probably need someone to listen to them.

    as much as i love what you do here i’d be ok with you leaving us for a few days.


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