Let’s look outside

[First Friday guest post from Paul Merrill]

We all have the tendency to focus on our own problems. After all, they are what scream the loudest. The kids let us know in so many ways that they need more of our attention. (And they do!) When we look at our checkbook, we realize the balance is not quite where we want it to be. Or maybe it’s a long way from there. In today’s economy, there is huge pressure to expand our skills to find a job, stay employed or get a better job. And when was the last time we went on a date with our significant other?

These needs are real and must be tended to – but they are not the only needs you should deal with.

Matthew 25:40 reads “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’

Jesus wants us to look at others. And not just look. Do. There are lots of ways to give. You can open your wallet[1]. You can volunteer your time[2]. You could devote your life to making a difference[3].

I would urge you to look beyond your experience of being needy to what lies beyond. In many parts of the world, drinkable water is not a given. Living through the next year without your village being pillaged is impossible. Your country’s unemployment rate is 50% and climbing. You may skip several meals a week to pay your kids’ school fees.

Don’t feel guilty. Just wake up. Do something not for yourself. It will probably not be easy, but the rewards might far exceed your expenditure. The King will be happy, and so will you.

Where to start? You might want to ask Him.