How Jesus handled a crisis

(Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday)

Last week I had lunch with an old friend. He’s as old as me – I guess we’re both old. Anyhow, we caught up on life. I learned how tight things are for him and his family. He’s an amazing entrepreneur, but the economy has made selling those great ideas nearly impossible.

This week, he and his wife received a foreclosure notice on a beautiful house that is their dream home – meeting their needs for life and including others in that life. (They currently have a Czech student living with them for a year, among other extra-curricular activities.)

So how did Jesus handle crisis?


What was his worst crisis? He knew he was about to be killed in a very brutal manner – crucifixion on a cross. His prayer was asking his father if he could get out of it. You know the answer. (No, thankfully – if he had not been crucified, the whole fabric of eternity would have looked greatly different than it does today.)

Since Jesus was fully human, he wanted his best buddies to pray with him. They were too tired and took a nap instead. Jesus even returned, asking them again. They rolled over and went back to sleep. He must have been frustrated with them. And sad that they would not stand with him during his worst hour of crisis. But he kept praying.

My friend facing foreclosure? I’m trying to stand with him in praying for a way out of the crisis. But like Jesus, I know my friend is praying, “everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

I am praying for God to increase my faith in Him through this crisis. God, please be merciful and gentle.

6 thoughts on “How Jesus handled a crisis

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  2. John Gill

    God has taught me the most and increased my faith the most through crisis. Sometimes He has solved the problem, sometimes he has showed me Himself and His answer of “No, I am enough for you.” Always hard in the time, but has yielded fruit in maturity that I can see down the road. And through it all we are called to pray.


  3. Bill Hanifin

    In our weakness, he is strong. Thanks for a great message on Good Friday. Praying for your friend…


  4. paul merrill

    Just an update – God answered prayers!!

    My friend got a job. He got payment for the first month’s work, before he began. His banks stopped the foreclosure.

    God was indeed merciful. I was and am thrilled!


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