Urgent and important

(Reprint from January 6, 2009)

I heard this today:

“Forming people in Christ as a slow work, so it can’t be hurried;
it is an urgent work, so it can’t be delayed.”

Eugene Peterson said it. He’s the pastor and teacher who “wrote” The Message. It’s a paraphrase, taking the Bible and telling it in contemporary language and images. I find it helpful because it gives a different flavor to the text.

Peterson understands something about slow and urgent work. That’s what paraphrasing the whole Bible takes. Some of us struggle with just reading it all. He read it. He reread it. He looked at multiple translations. He looked at Greek and Hebrew texts. He drafted and revised and prayed and listened and wrote and finished.

He had to start. He couldn’t rush.

Between Matthew 2:23 and 3:1 there is nothing. This is 25 years of Jesus’ life and we know nothing. Years of being a teenager. Years of carpentry. Years of learning and teaching, questioning and answering.

We would love to know what happened, but Matthew gives us nothing.

Growth takes time. It happens outside the spotlight. It is measured in years and decades. We want feedback all the time. We want to know that we are getting close. We want to know that we are making progress. We want all the details.

When we don’t see progress, we think that that maybe this, whatever the learning and living task is,  doesn’t matter after all. We don’t start or we give up.

Following Jesus is a commitment of a life and a commitment to a life. Some of that life will be in the spotlight, with cool miracles. Some will be in the spotlight with opportunities for martyrdom. Most of it, however, years and decades, may be in slow quiet shaping.

But don’t think it isn’t urgent.

3 thoughts on “Urgent and important

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  2. Aaron Shaver

    That really catches me in the middle of where I am right now. When I was 19 I felt like life and ministry were moving in slow motion for me. Now I’m 28 and again trying to make the transition to full-time ministry. Still faithfull…but impatient.

    Jesus spent 25years doing I-don’t-know-what. But he didn’t enter Ministry as we know it until 30.
    May we all take that much care to plan and remain faithful to God for what He’s called us to -when He calls us to it.


  3. Rich Dixon

    I’ve been thinking lately about “urgent.” The trouble with urgent is that all sorts of non-essential or even trivial tasks can be labeled URGENT.

    It takes a lot of discernment to make the essentials urgent every day so they don’t get pushed down the list.


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