Leaving things the same

When you look at what you want to do in 2013, what do you want to leave the same? What habits are already working great? What do you want to do for the second year in a row? What do you want to do for the third day in a row?

As I was thinking about what to say to start the year together, I knew that we would hear a lot about all the things to change, habits to start, commitments to make. But as I thought about all the things that could change, for you and for me, I started thinking about the things that I want to keep doing. It’s “don’t practice til you get it right; practice til you can’t get it wrong.”

  • This post starts the fifth year in a row for 300wordsaday. In 2013, I’ll keep writing.
  • This year will mark our thirtieth year of marriage. In 2013, we’ll stay married.
  • This year marks twenty-six consecutive years of being a dad. In 2013, I’ll keep understanding what that means.
  • For the past month I’ve been having morning coffee with God. That’s where I started thinking about this post, reading and reflecting on Psalm 19. (It’s a great daily reflection, by the way. Reflect on God’s creation. Reflect on God’s direction. Invite God’s introspection. Request God’s blessing). In 2013, I want to keep meeting together that way.
  • In 2012, I realized, again, that I’m a teacher. I want to remember that.
  • This Sunday starts my 6th year on staff at our church. In 2013 I will keep been challenged by the people I get to work with.

Each of our commitments moves from minutes long to months long to decades long by decisions to leave the commitment intact and finding ways to make it work.

What’s on your list today? This year?

If you are planning to read the Bible more or more slowly this year, at 7×7 Marc Pitman and I will be sending you daily readings. And Learning a new routine can help you read the sermon on the mount.

4 thoughts on “Leaving things the same

  1. hansschiefelbein

    This starts my 7th year blogging. I’ll keep writing there (and I’m adding a second one).

    It’s also the 7th year of marriage and 4th with kids. I will continue to grow as a man.

    This is the 4th and final semester of graduate work. That will finish this spring (going to kind of miss this).

    I’ll keep training clients and working with small businesses to help people live healthier, stronger lives.


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