An experiment in bite-sized spiritual life changes.

I was talking with a friend about how often we know more about how to live than we actual live out. I asked him how I could help him. I asked because I’ve been trying to understand how I can be more practical, more focused in my counsel.

After we talked, I decided to try bite-sized studies: a short list of activities designed to address a specific challenge.

For example, what if your challenge is this: When my schedule blows up, how do I remember to talk to God?

Read through this list. For the next week, do these actions.

1. On Sunday night, set the alarm on your phone to sound at 9:28. Have it sound for 6 nights. (If you are watching TV, this is commercial time). When it sounds each night, say to God, “This was a wild day. I almost forgot you. Thanks for the reminder.”

2. Take a 3×5 card. On it, write out Psalm 130 (here are three versions. Pick one). The last thing before you climb into bed every night, stand in front of the bathroom mirror. Read the first half talking to God. Read the second half looking at the mirror.

3. Find a business card. It can be your own or one from a friend. On it write, “You are my God; Have mercy on me, Lord, for I call to you all day long.” It’s from Psalm 86. Many people say, “Have mercy on me, God.” When you eat lunch, pull it out and read it. You don’t have to read it out loud, but you do have to read it.

4. After three days of the previous activities, send me an email. Ask me a question that starts with, “Hi Jon. How can I remember to talk to God when ….” and then fill in your own situation.

5. Write out answers to these questions: Make a list of the things you do when your schedule gets overwhelming. What do you say? What do you eat? What do you stop doing? Who do you talk to? What kinds of lists do you make?

Try it for a week. I’ll have more on this next Friday.


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