Because you know me.

On Saturday, some of you saw that there had been an earthquake in Nepal. And some of you thought, “I wonder if that’s where Jon was.”

I know this because I heard from you by text or by Facebook or by email. I know this because you saw me on church on Sunday morning and said, “Was that where you worked?” or “Do you know anyone where the earthquake was?” or “I don’t know what to say.”
By Sunday I was ready to give what little information I had, to talk about the photo I saw of a white-columned building I stood in front of to take a picture of the buildings now in piles of bricks allowing us to see the white-columned building, to talk about the friends I’d heard from, and the lack of communication from others.

On Saturday, I was stunned. The day included a beautiful wedding, time with our kids, and family time. But I watched the first reports silently. I went from the farm to find Internet. I sat at the wedding looking at photos and ached.

But here’s what was so remarkable to me. A year ago, many of us knew Nepal as a little country somewhere around the world. It was mentioned in connection with mountains or sex trafficking. An earthquake would have been sad.

IMG_1059But on Saturday some of you realized you have seen faces that I showed. You have seen coffee cups served by people living in a country that was rocked. You have read stories about people I laughed with. And Nepal isn’t a trivia fact (“Which is the only nation with a non-rectangular flag.”), it’s part of your network of relationships.

Pray with me. Pray for them. Give if you want. And thanks for caring about people in Nepal.


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  1. Elaine Stauss

    Yes, we do , thanks to you, have a personal perspective .
    We are praying for you, for the people of Nepal to have a strong sense of God’s care and comfort. Thank you for our awareness levels.


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