Hope and Dan.

A couple months ago, I started publishing just three posts a week. I mentioned that part of the reason was preparation for a wedding.

The wedding time is here. Tomorrow, August 15, Hope Swanson and Dan Smith are getting married.

You’ve heard about Hope here at 300, and read some of her writing. She’s our only living daughter and has lived up to her name.

I’m not officiating tomorrow. Everyone who knows me well agrees that’s a good idea. It’s better to be able to understand the words. And there are many people who can officiate.

Instead, this time I’m the father of the bride. I’m the only one who can be that.

We’re looking forward to the wedding weekend. Instead of a caterer, it involves a whole community of friends helping us in many ways. The big party is before the ceremony, a brunch that the kids wanted to do for friends and family and some people who don’t always get invited to weddings.

And we’re looking forward to the marriage, to welcoming Dan officially to the family, to watching Hope and Dan grow toward each other, toward God, and toward the people they want to bless with hearts of hospitality.

As you may guess, I’m writing this post gingerly. I don’t want to say something that will cause my keyboard to get soaked. And I could walk down that road with sentimentality and quotes from thousands of greeting cards.

But there are two little images.

The first happened when I was handing out some invitations. I walked to the person, handed them the card, and could barely choke out “We’re having a party for Hope. We’d love to have you come.” Because I had this picture of a Father inviting people to His Son’s wedding feast. A Son he loves, people He loves.

The second happened twenty-four years ago when that same Father gave us Hope.

Thank you, God.

Thank you, Nancy.

I love you Hope.

Welcome, HopeandDan.

4 thoughts on “Hope and Dan.

  1. janeann72

    PRAYING for many wonderful years of Blessing and service for our Saviour, Dan and Hope.
    What a precious event.


  2. josephruizjr

    Congratulations Jon, what a beautiful picture, but then you do have a way with words! May your day be filled with joy and many incredible memories. Grace and Peace my friend. And congratulations for embracing your unique role. Well Done.


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