Tell me your vision.

My boss and I hadn’t talked at length for a couple months. It was summer. We both had vacations and conferences and workshops and many good things. As we were looking toward fall, I was feeling a little lost.

I walked into his office one day. I asked him to go down the hall with me to the sanctuary (I’m a pastor.) We sat down in the middle of the room. As I write this, I wonder what he was thinking. Was he waiting for some big confession, some revelation, some earthshattering news? What he heard was me saying, “tell me again what your vision is.”

Fortunately, he knew me. He gave a simple clear explanation of the ideas I’d heard a dozen times. Hearing those words with his voice speaking them specifically to me got me back on track.

I’m a second chair person, an associate. I don’t make the vision, I help live it. I troubleshoot, I help with infrastructure. But every so often I need recalibration. I need to hear again what the mission and the vision and the guiding values.

I started wondering the other day what would happen if I sat down with a cup of coffee across from God and said, “Remind me again. What’s your vision.”

Would he tell me the story that starts before time and ends after time? Would I see hands with holes in them?

Or would I hear a series of stories which I’ve heard dozens of times but need to hear again.

He’d say,”The Kingdom of God is like a shepherd who leaves 99 sheep and looks for one.”  And then wait for something to click in me.

And then he’d say,”The Kingdom of God is like a woman who has 10 coins and loses one, and searches everywhere until she finds it and then acts like a mad woman telling her neighbors.” And then wait for something to click in me.

And then he’d say, “The Kingdom of God is like a father who welcomed his broken runaway son with open arms.” And then wait for something to break in me.


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