The challenges of making time

Some of my friends talk about reading the Bible. They use language like, “I know that I should, but it’s hard” or “I can’t figure out how to fit it in.”

Some of my friends aren’t worried about trying to figure it out. They use language like, “It doesn’t really matter to today anyway.”

Some of my friends read the Bible and argue about it and obey what they understand.

I love my friends.

For the first group, I started thinking about the sentence, “I’m too busy to read the Bible.” And I came up with a list of six possible reasons that lie behind that statement, six things that people might actually be saying.

I understand that these likely don’t apply to the second and third groups of friends. So if you are reading this and are part of those two groups, would you humor us for a bit while we talk about the six reasons?

So, when you say, “I want to read, but it’s had to set aside the time,” I have a feeling that there may be something else happening. And I can help you think it through if you can identify if there are other reasons for what you are feeling. So I’d like to suggest some possibilities. And you don’t have to answer here in public. I’m going to talk about all six. But I just thought it would help to see them.

  1. Because I am just too busy for anything.
  2. Because I don’t know where to start in a big book.
  3. Because I don’t want to feel lost like last time.
  4. Because I don’t have anyone to talk with about it.
  5. Because I don’t like to read anything.
  6. Because every time I start, I get confused about how to read it. 

Make sense?

6 thoughts on “The challenges of making time

  1. Renee Raison Storey (@reneestorey)

    How about “Because my life is full of stress, and thinking about important things is stressful, and it’s easier to read Facebook or a novel that doesn’t require thought because I’m already too tired to think.” Having someone to talk to makes it easier when your brain is tired. They can think with you. That also helps with confusion. Reading your books makes it easier to think about and less like work. I sing the Psalms. I sing songs full of scripture. I remember verses during the day. But studying…that’s hard when I’m already exhausted.


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