Monday musings on prayer.

“Is Jesus God?” is a question I sometimes ask people when they are struggling to figure out prayer. It’s not a debating question. When I ask, I’m usually talking to people who can’t quite believe that I’m asking.

“Yes” is the most frequent answer. “Duh” is next.

I continue: “And prayer is talking with God?” It’s one of the simplest ways that people try to explain prayer. Not that it’s simple in practice, but it’s a helpful description.

And people often answer, “yes.”

I continue: “So when the disciples on the boat said to Jesus, ‘don’t you care that we’re about to drown?’, they were praying? Why did he wake up and respond rather than a lightening bolt from the storm striking them down?”

Why did Peter not get fired for the way he talked to Jesus? When Jesus told the disciples to feed the 15,000, why did he let them get away with speaking about their inability?

IMG_0764.JPGMaybe we can express doubt, disagreement, distrust, and despair as we talk with Jesus and it won’t get us in trouble.

Maybe, as it did with the disciples, it will be greeted with conversation more than condemnation.

I’m intrigued when people are afraid to tell God what they really think of him at moment. As if he doesn’t already know. As if he can’t handle it.

As if we are afraid he might want to keep talking.

As we start the week trying to figure out how to talk to God with some appropriate kind of respect or reserve, think about the disciples. Just speak out of the honest depths of your being. We may not end up with the situations we wish for.

But we will still be with God.