Danger or not.

WavesIt’s time for this picture.

I took this picture last fall when Nancy and I were visiting Whitefish Point on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Nancy has visited that area since she was little, we’ve gone with our kids occasionally, and now Nancy and I head north.

Until this year, neither of us had visited the public boat landing. This year, we took a chance on the dirt road off the main road.

When we got there, we were delighted. There is a breakwater creating a small harbor.There is a pier for fishing boats which extends into Lake Superior. There were fishers unloading fish. There was a faded barn, an unseaworthy boat up on the shore. It was cool.

The pier has this sign: “Danger. Waves flood surface. Keep off during storms.” When Peter and the disciples were in their small fishing boat midway across the Sea of Tiberius, they wished they had heeded the warning sign. But Jesus had missed it too. He sent them across the lake and let the wind hold them in place until he finished praying and headed out across the lake. When he got near, Peter stepped out of the boat.

The danger of the waves seemed less important than the relationship that waited a few steps across them.

The warning sign coupled with the Peter story makes me laugh. There is a place for warnings. But there is a place for meeting Jesus where he’s walking, where he’s leading, where he’s inviting.

This weekend, you may be aware of a nudging, a niggle, an invitation slipped into a conversation, a welcome sign between the daunting waves. It may be a good weekend to follow that invitation. There is danger. Always. But there is danger in not turning down the side road toward the public landing.

And finding signs of Jesus.