Traffic and construction are frustrating. They are frustration because they keep us from our schedules. They remind us that we may not have planned well enough, that we may have left too late, that we may have made commitments we shouldn’t have made.

They remind us that we are not the center of the universe.

decideOn Sunday, we’re remembering Palm Sunday, a day that traffic was jammed up going into Jerusalem. At least a few people were frustrated, I’m sure. Some other people were reminded that they were not the center of the universe. In fact, they were reminded that someone else actually is.

It made them pretty mad. I’m guessing that it makes us mad sometimes, too.


Rich and Becky are friends of ours. We met on the Internet, then we met along the Mississippi River somewhere in Iowa. Since then, we’ve been in each other’s homes. And every time we’ve met, Monte was along. It turns out that you can’t be “fake internet friends” with a dog.

198_5935Monte died this week. He was a dog and a friend and faithful. I’m sorry, Rich and Becky.

(You should read Rich’s update.)

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