Things I’m thinking through.

IMG_4360.jpgSo you know, there are things constantly running through my head. Things I should think about, things I should write about. I’m not going to get to them all. But I can list some here and you can think, too.

1. “Our problem is not so much information overload. It’s opinion overload.” Greg McKeown in an interview with Matt D’Avella.

2. In talking with a friend about looking at churches I asked this question: “Do I like the people that the people who are going there are becoming?”

3. I read about the concept of “metabolizing suffering” in an research article on spiritual fortitude (Here’s an interview with Daryl Van Tongeren who wrote the article.) His suggestion is that people have different capacities to process (metabolize) suffering. I love the metaphor and will explore it more.

4. “So what does it take to cultivate a voice that has depth? What would it take for you to nurture a voice that speaks meaning into the lives of others during your lifetime, and perhaps beyond?” In thinking about the death of Eugene Peterson and others, this is a great question and some suggestions from Carey Nieuwhof.

5. I’m going to be teaching a course in preaching. In this course, we’re going to talk about how to talk out loud about God’s word in front of groups of people, in intentional and memorable and thoughtful ways. What do you want to make sure I tell these people who are going to be doing this for the next 30 years? 


2 thoughts on “Things I’m thinking through.

  1. Joseph Ruiz

    The life you live will either amplify or drown your words. Make sure you have healthy relationships, that you are accountable to someone, show people where you can.


  2. Renee Storey

    Many preachers I know and like, especially popular ones, develop a sort of arrogant rock star attitude. They don’t accept criticism at all, they develop a “my way or the highway” mindset, they run their churches like tiny kingdoms. On a one to one level, they’re good, caring people, but they start to believe that they are the most wise, most correct, most important church member and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong. They forget to consider the needs of others when making church decisions. I know a LOT of preachers and priests who are like this, though they weren’t when they were younger. Please teach your class that what you preach has less impact if what you live doesn’t match up. Humility, modesty, and compassion are the traits that suit a servant of God.


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