May you have peace.

Beach stones at whitefish bayI love our daughter. I love our son. I didn’t wish either of them happy national son/daughter day.

The celebrations snuck up on me. Suddenly, the holiday appeared on Facebook and then everyone who had a daughter or a son was celebrating their child, apologizing for being late, creating “just like a son” or “just like a daughter” posts. We had to share or it would look like we don’t love our kids as much as everyone else loves their kids. 

I looked up the holidays. Their origins are vague. They may have started in India. Daughters Day may be about affirming and empowering our daughters. 

It’s also possible that many people simply provided relational information to Facebook and other social media platforms, part of making the algorithms that serve us ads and posts even more precise. 

I also didn’t find any agates on the beach by Whitefish Point. They matter to others, but I don’t know exactly what I am looking for. I’m not sure why I need them. I know that the process of searching on the rocks to find something in particular means that I am not looking at the rocks for no purpose at all. And I’m not looking at the water, looking at the sky, looking at Nancy. 

I’m thinking about the expectations that I take on, the expectations that I try to live up to. I’m thinking about the competitions that I am entering, the things that I say “yes” to that are not really things at all. 

It’s easy to say “yes” without thinking about it. It’s easy to feel like we are falling short when we are not. It’s easy to take on the obligations that are appropriate for others and make them our own. 

It’s harder to stop when we feel that pang of insufficiency and say, “But my sufficiency doesn’t rest with Facebook or friends. It rests in the love of Christ and obedience to that love.” 

If you missed the made-up holidays, be at peace. If you didn’t see agates, be at peace. If you are in chaos, be at peace. 

3 thoughts on “May you have peace.

  1. Lisa Anne Tindal

    So many takeaways for me here. I’m not writing 31 Days this year. I said no to the incessant requests to join (again) a writing community. I am learning there’s so much pressure to keep up with others. I winder has writing or aspiring to write a book always been this way? I’m told it’s a business, I need to be a marketer. Oh, I apologize for using your space to vent frustrations.

    Bottom line, I agree, peace doesn’t come from following prompts or trends. Peace comes from staying near the source, keeping Jesus our core.


    1. Jon Swanson

      I’m good with the venting. I’m actually smiling because I’m wrestling with my own next book and the marketing and the platform building. Just last night, after a good long day of writing that felt adrift, I thought, “But this is my own deadline, this is my own pressure.” And I relaxed (a little).

      Be at peace. write and share to be helpful, not to measure up. (That’s to me as much as to you!)

      Thank you.


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