When plans change.

(a guest post from Rich Dixon.)

What happens when it all falls apart? When plans disintegrate? When life spins out of control?

I’ll bet you know someone who’s asked those questions recently.

Rich, Jon, and Monte somewhere in Iowa in 2011.

+ + +

When I’m not tapping on a keyboard, I spend lots of time riding bikes. In fact, I first met Jon and Nancy (in real life) on a cycling adventure.

These days my wife Becky and I lead a crazy group called the FREEDOM TOUR. We’ve gathered some folks who love to cycle and want our miles to count toward a kingdom principle: seek justice.

Since 2013, this generous team of cyclists and volunteers has raised more than $223,000 to support a HOME OF HOPE that serves kids rescued from human trafficking.

Our 2020 summer tours and events were going be the biggest ever. More riders. More dollars for the kids.

Yea, us!

+ + +

Then, everything changed. We can’t get together because we can’t get together. We can’t ask people for money, even for a great cause, because there’s so much financial uncertainty.

What’s going to happen to the kids who depend on us?

+ + +

You see it, right?

Anxiety. Worry. Fear. All based on the illusion that these kids depend on us, that we’re somehow in control of their circumstances. Or ours.

Long before we showed up, Jesus held these precious children in His hands and cared for them more deeply and profoundly than we can imagine. He invites us into the process of loving them, seeking justice in tangible ways, and trusting Him for the outcome.

It’s that last part that’s hard, because trust means we acknowledge our lack of control. But when we trust, we can let go of worry and fear. We can work together, do our best, and leave the outcome on God’s hands. Where it’s always been anyway.

And we can be at peace.

+ + +

Beyond 300 words – we’d appreciate your prayers for our kids and their caretakers. They’re locked down and isolated in a densely populated city that’s not especially welcoming to believers in the best of times. Resources are limited, and the kids are frightened.


From Jon:

Learn more about, and support, Freedom Tour, the ride that Becky and Rich lead.

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