Our daily bread


We’ve heard, many of us, a prayer with a phrase asking you to “give us this day our daily bread,”

We think it’s something spiritual, about a daily Bible verse or a daily insight. But when Jesus said those words, he was talking about actual real bread, like homemade rolls, or versatile flatbread.

And so the prayer changes for us.

As we’re scrambling with the demands of the alarms, give us a moment to eat our daily bread.

As we are adjusting to the changing schedules of our childrens’ school, and one or two or six people working from home, give us a moment to prepare and eat our daily bread.

As we are preparing a hundred different trays for a hundred different people, bless the work of our hands as giving them their daily bread, even if it is only clear liquids.

As we are serving a community which includes people in deep need, use us to give at least some of them their daily bread.

As we have what we have today, thank you for your provision of our daily bread.



This prayer was offered this week for my hospital coworkers in a daily video. I though you might like to join us. I’m working right now on the next volume of prayers from a hospital chapel, this one including all the Sunday prayers from 2020 and many of the prayers I shared with colleagues. I’ll keep you posted.