Living room

Bob Goff is inviting people over to his house.

“Stages are great,” he says, “but we don’t need them. We’ll have a different conversation at my house than we would in a convention center.”

He’s inviting 50 people for a day and a half. The agenda is pretty simple: “We’ll talk about who we are, but more importantly, who we’re becoming as we follow God and love people.” He asks that the people coming to his living room promise to have living room conversations after getting back home.

I love the idea. It would be an amazing adventure.

12038201_10153638606882008_2138860374219381052_nBut what if you don’t need to go, as cool as it would be? What if you had a living room conversation with four or five people you know. With coffee and apple pie and questions like,  “Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’?”

See, that’s what Jesus was doing the day that four friends lowered their paralyzed friend through  a hole in the flat roof of a house. Jesus was teaching in the way a rabbi teaches, with conversation. And after telling the man that his sins were healed, Jesus posed his question.

It would be a fascinating conversation. It would let us think about the relative importance spiritual and physical. It would make us wrestle with whether anyone other than God can either heal or forgive. It would challenge us to consider whether we are caring enough about anyone to carry them to Jesus.

I’ll get to have a session with Bob tomorrow night, with a thousand of my closest friends. But I’ll be happy to share what I learn. We’re busy the next couple nights, but what if we got together in our living room next Sunday? Or maybe in yours.

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Photo by Becky McCray, in our living room.

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