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You may be here because of a link in Giving the Year Meaning: A Healing Journal for Advent. If so, thanks for buying the book and checking in.

First Sunday of Advent

2021: November 28.
2022: November 27
2023: December 3
2024: December 1
2025: November 30
2026: November 29


For a different approach to Advent, see Saint John of the Mall: Reflections for the Advent Season.

Every day, starting December 1, you can have a conversation with the disciple John about his interaction with Jesus.

Finding Saint John in a shopping mall in the US is a strange one for sure, but what if…..? And why don’t we listen to Scripture instead of just reading it? Jon has taught me to listen to God’s word and I am greatly appreciative to him because it has not just been eye and mind opening but also life changing.” Amazon review

“St John is a regular reading during the Advent season. I love the way Jon brings the story to life in our cultural context. … This could be a useful small group study during Advent.” Amazon review


The journal leaves reflection up to you. That’s the intention. But that reflection may lead to questions about next steps. This list of resources will support discovering those steps.

My primary blog,, will offer some of my own reflections from the year.

In a journal which invites you to reflect, there will always be questions that you need to put off until later. In the living of a week, there is a place for Sabbath, one day in seven where you set aside work.

11/29 – Hope

11/30 – Thank you

12/1 – Better than expected

12/2 – Thinking about gifts

12/3 – Remembering lives

12/4 – Sharing a treasure

12/6 – Peace

12/7 – Bless

12/8 – Consoling others

12/9 – Forgive

12/10 – Addressing fear

12/11 – Smile

12/13 – Love

12/14 – Fasting together – Isaiah

12/15 – Learning together

12/16 – Remembering milestones

12/17 – Remembering dreams

12/18 – Listen

12/20 – Affirming delight

12/21 – A word of greeting

12/22 – Identifying coolness in others

12/23 – A deep breath

12/24 – Not exactly here

12/25 – Celebrate

12/27 – Stretch

12/28 – Finish something

12/29 – Representation

12/30 – First note

12/31 – A remembrance