A Great Work

A Great Work: A Conversation With Nehemiah For People (Who Want To Be) Doing Great Works.

What others are saying:

A_Great_Work_Cover_for_Kindle“I just finished A Great Work, again. I picked up a little more this time, but I’ll need a third go. I keep latching on to the management, leadership, and personal aspects. There’s so much more bible story to get there. What a great book!” Hans Schiefelbein

“I love the way Jon is able to capture the wisdom and insight of an ancient character in a way that is so relevant you’ll think Nehemiah recently passed away. The probing questions are a familiar trademark of Jon’s curious approach to the Gospel. While true to scripture he is able to extend the conversation in a way that will draw you in from the very beginning. I considered this work an integral part of my daily devotions, as soon as Lent is over I’ll switch back to Nehemiah. This book is excellent for personal or small group studies, or it’s appropriate for a Sunday School curriculum.” Joseph Ruiz

“I loved this book! It was a smooth flowing, thought provoking read. As I read I felt like I was joining Jon and Nehemiah around the kitchen table, with coffee in hand. Learning valuable insights and details that I otherwise might have over looked. I highly recommend this book.” Jon Andrews


A Great Work (paperback)
A Great Work (Kindle)
A Great Work (A-Great-Work-sample)

Bulk Pricing available

10 copies, shipped to you for $7 a copy

25 copies shipped to you for $6 a copy

Contact Jon at jnswanson [at] gmail [dot] com


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