Disclosure Policy

There is, if you don’t know, a FTC Ruling for Bloggers. It requires us to disclose any material connections between us and things that we recommend.

I agree with this need.

1. Sometimes there are links in these posts to a bookstore I have at Amazon.com. If you buy something there, I get a small amount of money.

2. From time to time, I review books. If I didn’t buy it myself, I will tell you. If I don’t like the book, I won’t talk about it.

3. I don’t have advertising on this site.

I am concerned, however, with some additional disclosures.

1. It’s possible that something I say might cause you to ask God for something. I am not responsible for any answers that He does or does not provide. I am, however, completely confident in his capacity to do so.

2. I probably would be regarded, according to the terms of the FTC policy, as being an expert about communication, God, and being clueless.

For purposes of this part, an expert is an individual, group, or institution possessing, as a result of experience, study, or training, knowledge of a particular subject, which knowledge is superior to what ordinary individuals generally acquire.

I don’t think of myself as an expert. And so I will do my best to not act like one. Or a guru.

3. I actually do believe that God exists, that the Bible matters, and that Jesus still invites people to follow him. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing this.

4. I never want to trick you. I mostly want to help you think. With head and heart.

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