Lent For Non-Lent People

Training wheels for following GodLent is the name for the seven weeks from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

If you think Lent’s just about giving something up, it will be a long battle with willpower. But what if Lent’s actually about learning to follow God? 

Lent For Non-Lent People is a seven-week guide to learning to listen for God. In this short book, pastor and social media chaplain Jon Swanson helps readers use the season of Lent to learn to focus on God.
  • Learn how to break habits of distraction and busyness.
  • Learn how God spoke to a prophet in depression after a big event
  • Listen to Jesus talk to an ostracized woman, to a close friend, and to the enemy of our souls.

jonwebIn the appendix, Jon shares his own story of Lent and the loss of a child.

Whether or not you grew up with Lent, this book can help you listen for God.

Lent for Non-Lent People is available in paperback and for Kindle


Reader Reviews

“This Lenten reader has been an excellent tool for keeping me mindful during Lent. It’s easy reading and has depth without being complicated. It’s encouraging, practical, and I’ve recommended it to many of my friends. You’ll really appreciate it.” Keith Crawford

“Many people, including myself, wonder about Lent. What it means? How do I get involved? It feels like something that should matter, but it’s an intimidating thing to even consider, particularly if you do not attend a church yourself. In this work, Jon does a beautiful thing. He takes something that is religious and sacramental and hallowed, and bends the threads just slightly to make it accessible to you and I, the people outside of the circle, the people “in the hallway”. I’m grateful that anyone would take the time and effort do produce such a work. If you are at all interested in Lent, I absolutely suggest you download it.” A.J. Leon

“I am from a protestant faith that usually does not make a big deal out of Lent. Because our community has many Catholics, it is really part of our culture, and therefore we observe Lent in my church. Jon Swanson speaks to me in a way I can appreciate the implications of Lent for my life. I highly recommend this book for another such person. During lent he also has a 5-day a week blog which he mails to those who’d like it, as an accompaniment to his book.” C. Christman

Here’s the post that inspired the book: 33 things to give up for Lent

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