Fun facts about Jesus

Fresh bread

Hope and I were folding laundry. She’s home for fall break. (Or was back in 2012 when this was first published).

“Tell me some fun facts about Jesus,” I said.

She just looked at me. “For a post?” she asked.

Yep. For a post. It was one of those things that would be interesting. The trouble is, I’m not sure I have any fun facts, any stories of amusing conversations. I kind of wish I had some.

  • About the time that Peter and John started a fish flinging contest, and James asked Jesus if he wanted to play and Peter said, “No way. He probably made fish that fly.” And Jesus smiled, because no one would discover “flying fish” for a few centuries.
  • About the time that Matthew and Simon got into an argument. Matthew was defending the importance of taxes to pay for good roads even if you don’t like the government and Simon, who was a Zealot arguing for the overthrow of the government, was saying that good roads don’t justify taxation without representation. And when they asked Jesus, he just smiled. And later caught up to them while walking across the lake.
  • About the time that Jesus made a perfectly delightful metaphor about the yeast of the Pharisees, warning the disciples about it. In a triple entendre, He was talking about the gas they generated, about the way that even their spiritual words were unusable for the most holy unleavened bread, and about the way their teaching could infect everything. And the disciples completely missed the warning and irony and figured he was scolding them for not bringing bread on the boat trip.

The first two I made up. The third happened. It makes me think that I could find more. As the smartest person that ever lived, I’m guessing he was more amusing than we guess.


First published in 2012.