church, going to

(Matthew 2:1-12)

Following Jesus always involves other people. Which is really frustrating. When we are working out what we believe (and sometimes whether we believe), having to be around other people who seem absolutely sure of …. something…feels funny, feels risky.  I understand.

Imagine some guys. They decide to follow God.

More accurately, these guys have been searching for someone and they see a sign of some sort. They interpret this sign as confirmation and they follow it like bread crumbs. Because it is a king they have been looking for, they go to where kings are, the capital city.

This should be the place of celebration. A royal baby, after all, is a sign of dynasty. And what they believe is that a king has been born. And they want to celebrate.

And no one has any clue what they are talking about. There haven’t been any royal babies. In fact, the royal family, the family of Herod, is as dysfunctional as they come, given more to betrayal than to birth.

And so, these men end up in a house in Bethlehem.

You know the story from countless images of three wise men. We love to figure out how much gold, what frankincense and myrrh smell like.

But think of them as followers. They are looking for God as well as they understand. They go to a place to find God and first find a false king and clueless people and searching people. They also find directions which they follow. At the end they find Jesus with His family, people who don’t completely understand, but are committed to Jesus.

These guys are doing this following together. Whether there were three or thirty, they were a community of faith. And they found Jesus.  And worshiped him.

That’s church. The together following part.