Commercial fishermen understand weather.

Commercial fishermen understand water.

That understanding is their salary. That understanding is their life.  That understanding can mean their life, when a storm comes up unexpectedly.

One day Jesus climbs in a boat. His disciples follow him. A storm comes up. They are scared to death. They are scared of death.

I have to wonder if there was any time between Jesus climbing in the boat and the conversation that is recorded immediately before. Because if the one happened immediately after the other, at least one of the disciples had to be thinking, “‘follow me’, he says, and we follow him into a boat and now we’ll die. And if we die out here, only the dead will be able to bury the dead.”

And that’s how it works. We heard a lesson on Sunday. We heard a sermon. We taught a lesson. And in the process we decided that we were going to follow, we were going to get in the boat when Jesus dis. We were going to be there with him.

Sometime overnight a storm kicked up. It’s there in your email this morning, or on your voicemail, or in your mind when you wake up at 4:00am to let the dog out. You get in the boat, there is a storm, and Jesus decided to sleep in.

At least that’s what happened for the disciples. There is a storm, the kind that makes even commercial fishermen scared and Jesus is not paying attention, not caring, not waking up.

But if he’s in the boat, is he really going to let it sink? Really?

Or is he allowing enough storm that no one on the boat can handle it without him? No one, on their own, can ride it out.

But with him?

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