with friends like these

Have  you ever wanted to watch your friends talk about you? To see what they think about you when you aren’t around?

That’s pretty scary. Let’s be more encouraging.

Have you ever wanted to listen to people that you have taught something, to hear what they learned, what they understood?

That’s pretty scary, too.

We teach. We explain. We test. We tutor. We explain (again). We clarify. We metaphorize. We quiz. We repeat. We demonstrate. We assign practice.

And then, when we are sure that they understand completely, we would love to watch them interact, to find out if they know enough to function on their own.

That’s exactly what Jesus got to do.

A couple of his disciples were headed out of town on the Sunday after the Friday Jesus died. He joined them on the walk, but was able to disguise himself.

They didn’t do well on the test. They talked about him being a prophet (partial credit). They had heard from the women that there were angels who said he was alive, but they weren’t really sure they believed. They had heard that some of the disciples had gone to look, but no one had seen Jesus, really.

And Jesus sounds incredibly frustrated.

And then he starts back through the material again.

We understand the frustration: He just suffered incomprehensibly on the cross for these two guys who couldn’t even get his position right (prophet???).

We don’t understand the reviewing. He could have given up on them. He could have thumped them. He could have done many things.  Instead, he reviews the material.

We understand two things from this.

1. That good teaching reviews again.

2. No wonder that Jesus told his followers that he was sending the Holy Spirit to teach and remind them of what he said.

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