Jesus knows what it is like

“Every day, say to yourself, ‘Jesus knows what it’s like to be a mom.'”

That is the second of five doable actions that came out of a sermon on Titus 2:11-14.

One of the things that often stops us in prayer and belief is that we think that God can’t understand us. And I understand that concern. I frequently have a hard time asking something of someone who doesn’t understand, who has never had to face what I am facing.

We read that we have a someone to talk to that has been tempted in every way we have. And that helps us. But we still can wonder.

And then we start looking at details.

Look at how Jesus washed the feet of the guys.  Look at how he brought children into the circle of the guys and said, “you have to take care of these children, you have to protect them, you have to learn from them.” Look at how he looked at Jerusalem and partially quoting Isaiah said, “you know how a hen at the end of the day in the face of great and destructive danger covers her babies with her wings so that the rain and the danger will kill the hen before harming the chicks? That’s how much I love Jerusalem.”

Look at how he sacrificed himself.

When I think generally about mothers, I think about that kind of caring and self-sacrifice. So it’s possible that Jesus actually does know what it’s like to be a mom. And when in the middle of frustration and struggles and problems in dealing with children and people and self, it helps to talk with someone who understands.

“Every day, say to yourself, ‘Jesus knows what it’s like to be a mom (and whatever my role in life is, too).'”

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