Or should it say weekend?

Some of us get to Saturday morning, full of energy, full of projects, full of passion to “get something done.” The rest of us get to Saturday morning dragging. We have been busy all week. We are struggling with a list of activities that got longer during the week, rather than shorter. Saturday morning has a list of projects, yes, but it also comes with a list of obligations that is even longer. We drag the tasks from the wee, hoping to get some done before Monday.

Unless we work on the weekend anyway. In which case Saturday is already a work day and full of activities and the longing for time off to match the schedules of our friends.

And we arrive at the weekend exhausted, carrying a backpack full of obligations and eyes full of dreams and a heart that is weary. And God’s response is not to give us the strength to keep pushing through. God’s response is to tell us to forget about that workd for a day a week.

What a burden that is. To have to talk off perfectly good working time in order to obey God? To lose track of all those projects while taking a day to play? To not be productive, on purpose, for one seventh of my waking time?

What kind of system is that!

Wait. What kind of system is leaving everyone I know tired. What kind of system is exhausting people, is putting rings around eyes. What kind of system has me yawning as I write?

Oh. That’s right. A system built about me rather that being built for me.

Jesus invited us to come to him for rest. And so, being the weekend, I invite you to listen to him. With me.

One thought on “Weakened

  1. Annie

    Yesterday, it rained…so my hubby and I spend time together running errands, having lunch and relaxing for the rest of the day. It is hard to rest on the weekend. But if I don’t take time and continue to try to over do, God rains on my parade, and then I give thanks for a day where I can just be.


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