what happened in our backyard

We spent the day working on our yard. We are getting ready for summer, ready for graduation.

I spent part of the morning in two of our perennial beds, turning the soil with a shovel. Nancy went through those beds after I did, breaking up clumps of dirt, pulling out the weeds, planting some new hosta and other plants.

We dug up another small bed, one where little grows. As I turned that soil, I discovered clay down about 4 inches. We thought we had worked on that in the past, but apparently we hadn’t worked the topsoil in far enough down. Apparently, the plants that we have planted in that space haven’t been able to grow roots that will sustain good growth.

Nancy dug up the grass that had been growing in the ivy under the birdfeeders. She is very close to putting weedkiller on that whole part of the bed and just starting over. Nothing good can grow there now with all the weeds growing from the birdfeeders.

We decided to add more river rock to a couple paths that we have running through part of the yard. To get the ground ready for me to work, Nancy laid some hosta on one of the paths. There is no way we could leave it there, however. The plants just wouldn’t be able to get rooted at all.

It was a good time working. We are pretty confident that the result of the time we spent today will be strong, healthy plants in those parts of the yard.

If Jesus were to walk into our yard, he would look at our work and say, “That’s exactly what I was talking about. Plants need good soil to grow well.” And then he’d say, “But you have to scatter the seed anyway.”

One thought on “what happened in our backyard

  1. Anna

    Because it’s not up to us to decide which soil is good or bad. We’re not even capable of it. Soil that looks really good on the surface might be clay four inches down. And soil that look a little rocky and forbidding might be beautiful loam underneath.

    Keep scattering, man.


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