It is possible to read too much positive thinking material. It is possible, I think, to be too optimistic, to be too ‘everything will work out great’, to be too ‘seize the moment.’

So I won’t be.

On the other hand, when the servant got the five talents, he immediately put his money to work and generated five more.

Immediately. That word hit me last week, and now I’m hitting you.

Sorry, a little context might help.

In Matthew 25, Jesus told a story about three servants who were given outrageous amounts of money by their master as he prepared to leave on a trip. By outrageous, I mean that the one who got the least would have had to work for 16 years to earn that much, and the one who got the most? A century.

Two of the servants doubled their money. One of the servants buried his. The first servant, the one who doubled his 100 years money, started right away. He was given the money and started to use it.

Here’s where I start to sound all positive, but hear me out.

Every moment of your life up to the moment you are reading this? Over. The next ten minutes? A gift, a resource, a collection of breaths given by God and available to double in their value.

Maybe double by writing an email to encourage someone.

Maybe double by putting down the keyboard and looking someone in the eyes and telling them that they are worth looking in the eyes.

Maybe double by talking with God about what to do next, asking for wisdom as we are invited to do.

Maybe double by listening to God.

Maybe double by not finishing reading this.

Maybe double by saying no one more time.

I don’t know. God does. Ask Him.

2 thoughts on “now

  1. Rob

    I appreciate the last direction Jon.

    All those ‘maybe this or maybe thats’ were making me anxious.

    I spend too much time trying to figure out what’s next.

    Asking…that’s a novel idea. I think I’ll go do that right now. 🙂


  2. Annie

    I am an optimist who believes everything will work out, counting the small things in life far outweigh the big stuff and living my life day to day.
    However, I also know I have not become this way by myself. It is due to God being wholeheartedly in my life. And it is also realizing things do not always go my way and accepting it.
    I loved this post. Thank you.


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