Flat bread. Grape squeezings.

A few hours after I write this, a handful of people, older than high school (but less than a decade so) are going to sit in a circle and look at flat bread and grape squeezings.

They will have spent  time before that looking at their souls, allowing the God whose job description includes “reminding you what I [Jesus] taught” to point out places where “what He taught” and “what I did” don’t line up. They will have spent  time writing thank you notes to God.  For some in the middle of finishing high school graduation cards, that will be a challenging process. They will have spent time asking God to help their families. For many in this age bracket, that will be challenging as they learn what it means to be on their own.

Then we will sit in a circle and I will remind them of who they say they believe Jesus is. Or more accurately, what they believe Him capable of.

They would say, if asked, that Jesus knows everything. That even when he was walking around with three and a dozen and a hundred and thousands of people, that He knew what people were thinking, what was going to happen. In fact, he predicted it quite well. “You will deny me three times, Peter.”

Knowing what they would do in a couple hours, he sat at a table and gave them flat bread and grape squeezings and told them that this was His body and that it was going to be crushed like this bread and spilled like this wine. He told them that it was for them.

At the time, I think, they didn’t understand.

Later, they did.

They understood that His love didn’t depend on their loyalty.

Take and eat. And be at peace.