made differently well

I’ve had cause to talk about Psalm 139 twice in the last two days. It’s a psalm that talks about being made well, being known by God. It’s a good psalm for people to remember when they are struggling to keep up.

To keep up with what? With the expectations people have about what a Christian should do.

Here’s an example that is fresh in my heart. There is an expectation that we should spend 15 minutes a day silently reading the Bible. If we are really good, in the course of a year we will read all the way through the Bible.

But what if we have a hard time reading? What if there aren’t any books that we sit and read that much? What if we learn best by having a conversation rather than reading quietly? What if we want to take one paragraph and spend a week taking it apart and putting it together again? What if we want to take a theme and trace it from the end of the book to the beginning?

What if Psalm 139 is true and we are fearfully and wonderfully and uniquely made? What if you don’t learn the way I learn, but you are still created by God?

So, rather than having to read five  chapters a day so that you can finish the whole Bible in a year,  take one set of stories and wrote them as a screenplay, looking at all the camera angles, understanding how Jesus would interact with the disciples and the crowd and the Pharisees.  Take one theme like “people who hollered at God and lived,” and look for every example you can find. Worked your way through a Gospel writing 300 words a day.

There are many ways to read. Find the one you are built for.