more than this.

Jesus assumes that there is more than this.

As nice as comfort between first breath and last is, there is more than comfort. As fun as creativity is between first breath and last, there is more than creativity. As whatever as whatever is between first breath and last, there is more than whatever.

So live now with then in mind.

Where is this coming from? Two words in the middle of Matthew 18:7-9: enter life.

It’s a grisly passage, speaking of cutting off limbs and poking out eyes.

In the middle of this passage, Jesus says it’s better to enter life without offending limbs. He’s actually saying it is better to leave life without those things. He’s saying, if living right, living obediently, living in a following way means cutting off what seems to be what supports you, if that is corrupting you, cut it off.

That seems extreme.

It’s not.

If your leg were full of gangrene and it threatened to poison the rest of your body, and the only way to have life were to cut it off, you would ask the surgeon to cut it off. If your eye were full of cancer and the only way to have life were to remove it, you would have the surgeon remove it. If your body was being killed by multiple myeloma and the only treatment were a stem cell transplant by which your body was essentially killed so that it could be brought back to life, as horrible as that is, you would do that to enter (the rest of) life.

Jesus looks at our lives with us and says, “That lust, that attitude, that activity, that pride is killing you, or will. We’ll have to take out the surrounding tissue, but it will preserve your life. May I?”

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