How to ruin a life.

Imagine a great restaurant. Wonderful food, fabulous service. Imagine walking up to the restaurant. Someone is in the entryway, the space between the sets of doors. “Wonderful,” you think, “There are greeters even here, just like Applebee’s.”

You get to the door. They aren’t opening it. You reach for the handle and start to pull. They grab the inside handle and pull it shut.

They spend all their time not going into the best restaurant, just keeping people out.

That’s what Jesus says the Pharisees are doing.

Imagine packing for a trip. A long trip. An international trip. You walk forever. You catch a boat. You sail forever. You are at the edge of everything. You meet someone. You invite him to be like you, to be part of your group. He agrees. You teach him the opposite of everything you know.

When he takes the entrance exam, he fails completely.

That’s what Jesus says the Pharisees are doing.

Imagine going on a camping trip. The people running the trip say, “everyone going hiking in the mountains, hiking to the Golden Hills. needs to take one of these.” Then they say it again. Then they say it again. Your pack is getting as heavy as the one in a Meijer’s back-to-school ad. The people running the trip say, “here, let me help you put one of these bungee cords over the pile. Here, a little duct tape to hold that together. Oops, sorry about that sticking to you.”

Then they start hiking, arms swinging, no pack. “Be careful not to drop anything,” they warn. “The keeper of the forest has clear rules about that,” they say.

That’s what Jesus says the Pharisees are doing.

Instead, lead people the right way.  Be one with them Be clear who you are following.

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