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A year ago we started on a journey, 300 words at a time. In this year we have – in 288 posts (counting this one) and  somewhere around 85,00 words – worked our way through the book of Matthew. We’ve taken a few stops along the way.

I’ve enjoyed this year. I’ve looked more closely at this text than ever before. I’ve had some remarkable times of not knowing where a post was going when I started writing it. I’ve had some late nights (though not as late as you think) and some naps in the middle of writing and some great conversations with some of you and with Nancy and with God.

Thank you for comments and emails and encouragement. Thanks to Paul Merrill for contributing his “first Friday” posts each month.

I committed to one year when I started. (I didn’t limit to that, I just committed to that.) For the past few weeks I’ve been asking God about the next year. After looking at a couple of possibilities, I’ve decided that year 2 at 300wordsaday.com will use the book of John as the path I’ll be exploring. I’ll explain more about why later.

Next week, I’m reposting some favorites from the past year. On Friday we’ll have Paul’s first post of the new year. On January 11, we’ll plunge into John.

But first, to finish Matthew.

Jesus has told the guys to go and baptize and teach. He’s been with them for three years, through life and death and life again. He has taught and scolded and encouraged them. He’s dealt with doubts and arguments and betrayal.  He’s about to leave.

And the last words Matthew records of Jesus are looking ahead, not back:

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

A good reminder.

Happy New Year.

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