you all are gonna really see something

You gotta wonder what was going through Jesus’ brain sometimes.

I mean, he knew everything, but I wonder if the living in real-time and the living outside of time ever allowed him to laugh.

(I know. I gotta let  you into what I’m thinking.)

Nathanael was impressed that Jesus could see what he (Nathanael) had been doing a few minutes before.

Jesus says, “You think that’s something? That’s nothing. Wait til you see this!” And then Jesus reached back into their story, into the beginnings of Jewish history.

He reminded them of the night generations ago when Jacob was running from home. His brother wanted to kill him.  He ran.

One night he stopped to sleep. He leaned against a rock. He fell asleep. He dreamed.

In his dream, Jacob saw steps. He saw angels going up and down. And at the top of the steps was God, talking to him.

When Jesus tells his disciples that they are going to see heaven open and angels moving up and down. that’s the story he’s reminding them of. And this time, he’s saying, God’s not just at the top of the steps.

He’s at the bottom, too.

So go back to the beginning of the post. What was the tone of voice Jesus was using when he says, “Nathanael. you are impressed by a little ‘I saw you when’? Guys, all of you. Listen. You are gonna get your own version of Jacob’s ladder. And this time, it’s going to be even better.”

I don’t think Jesus was scolding. I’m not sure he was mocking. When I read it, I hear a hint of delight. I hear a tone of “You will so amazed. This will be so cool.”

And I think I still hear that tone of voice some days.