sometimes something clicks

I was sitting on a dock in a small lake in western Michigan. It was early summer morning.

I was working as a counselor at a camp for the summer. I was between my first two years of college. I took time off my computer job to be with kids.

I’m not sure why, exactly. I never liked the idea of a cabin full of  ten year olds. Okay, it scared me. Probably because I knew the insecurities I had felt when I was that age.

I was better with the junior high guys, camping in a state park. Still insecure, but I was able to reason better, to understand better.

I sat on the dock that morning, early enough that there was a bit of mist. I was reading John. Not because of any great plan. I just started reading John.

I got to the end of chapter two.

He did not need man’s testimony about man, for he knew what was in a man.

I started laughing, as best I can remember.

It was the coolest statement about the practical implications of the incarnation.

In chapter one, John makes a big deal out of the incarnation, out of Jesus putting on flesh and living alongside John. And I understand it theologically. But what does it look like day to day?

It means that Jesus didn’t have to say, “I wonder how a human would respond.” He didn’t have to say, “what’s that feel like?” He didn’t have to say, “what’s a crowd feel like?” He didn’t need to do survey research or lab research or sociological studies.

Jesus was a participant observer in life. He understood the way I understood the campers.

Only without the insecurity.

It blew me away that day on the dock.

It still does.

One thought on “sometimes something clicks

  1. Rich Dixon

    After my injury, this was THE thing that kept me going when everything else fell apart. Jesus knew how it felt–somehow that meant I could keep going and trust that He’d be with me and give me what I needed.

    And He has, and He is, and He does. Amazing.


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