Jesus understands

(Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday)

During this year, Jon has been going through the book of John, showing us some of the ways Jesus relates to us unlike any other. Jesus is the only one who ever lived who is fully God and was fully man at the same time. That’s one of those mysteries I will never understand until I am in His presence in heaven.

But I do understand how that makes Jesus uniquely qualified to say things about how I should live my life. If God spoke but had never known the pain that is central to life here, why should I listen to him? But since Jesus lived 33 years down here, he knows what we go through. He was mocked, spit upon, loved, hated and cried with. He hung out at parties. He probably ate some pretty bad meals. But he knew the joy of freshly cooked meal on the beach. He had a close friend die. He had a dad, mom and siblings – with related joys and challenges. (At times, he faced their disapproval.) He laughed heartily. I’m sure he hit his thumb with a hammer during his tenure as a carpenter. His best buddies failed Him, but He loved them anyway.

And now he lives today, still possessing that knowledge, as He speaks quietly – asking us to follow His example in how we live. But Jesus wants us to do more than just follow his example. He wants us to let Him live in us to do what He wants through us! That doesn’t make us robots – but rather people living the way we were designed to live.

If you have not experienced this, tell Him you want to try following him. If you are already following Him, ask Him lead you through what you are facing today.