an open letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus:

We were thrilled with your amazing feeding project. Appetizers for 15,000? Unimaginable, as Philip pointed out. 15,000 fish sandwiches? Over the top. But you, you made so much food that there were leftovers.

We wish that you hadn’t been so quick to leave. Some of us were prepared to make you a remarkable offer. (Surely, a “prophet” as distinguished as yourself would have known that.) We were thinking that with your power and our leadership frustration, you would make a great king.

If you don’t mind us mentioning it, however, a couple  refinements would make you more effective as a king.

It would have been helpful if your disciples had left the leftovers for us. You may not have realized this, but they each grabbed a basket and left us without food. We suppose that you were thinking that they could each do that foodmaking that you did. We would love that: meals for nearly two weeks. However, we’re not sure that you understand they aren’t as good as they, or you, think they are.

Also, it would be helpful if you would keep us posted regarding your travel plans. We spent the night, assuming that you had slipped away to freshen up. When you didn’t come back, and “the twelve” sailed off, and no one came to pick you up, we waited. We had, after all, left home to follow you. We were prepared to let you be king. We were depending on you to feed us. And you abandoned us there.

We are, however, willing to overlook your lack of discernment in leadership development and your lapses in communication. We would love to have a king such as yourself.

Only, please stop calling yourself God.

We’ll make you king. And we’ll dethrone you if we want.


“The 5000”

(from John 6)


For the next few days, I’m asking for feedback about I would be grateful for your thoughts.

One thought on “an open letter to Jesus

  1. Carol

    What a though provoking post. Your best ever IMHO.

    How totally human to think we’ve got God all figured out, and if He’ll just come and do exactly what we have planned everything will work out great. Hmmmm.


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