What do you want to learn?

I read a lot. Most of it is pretty random. (See Addicted to Story). Often I will be in  a conversation and I will think, “I need to learn more about that.” But then I forget and read randomly.

You forget too.

So what if we agreed that we didn’t want to forget?

What if you decided to take bits of your time to go to BibleGateway.com and enter “Holy Spirit” and over the next year look up each of the 96 times that phrase shows up and read the couple of paragraphs before and after that phrase.

That’s 400 paragraphs. Doable in a year.

And while doing reading, look for patterns. How often do you read about tasks associated with the Holy Spirit? What kind of responsibilities? What personality traits? What relationships?

After a year, you would have a surprising amount of knowledge.

But what if you are more interested in what to tell friends who are going through very difficult times in their lives? What do you say? What do you do?

You remember somewhere that someone talked about Job.  So you find the book of Job, really close to the middle of the Bible. You find a readable version (not King James, probably something like “The Message” or New International Version or New Living Translation.) You start reading and you discover that Job had done nothing to deserve horrible loss. And you find that friends show up to try to make sense of what is going on. And you find they are clueless. And you begin seeing what not to say to friends. And then you look for other passages about suffering.

And after a year, you would have a surprising amount of knowledge.

So what do you want to learn in the next year?

How can I help?

4 thoughts on “What do you want to learn?

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  2. Frank Reed


    Thanks. Simple is powerful and this simple idea (which just made me say out loud “Why didn’t I think of that?!”) will help me tremendously when I look at the Bible and wonder “Where should I go or what should I do?”

    Thanks as always.


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