Still learning

I frequently read books. Here are some of the books I’m actually reading or have read (reread) within the past two weeks.  Full disclosure. All of these links go to my Amazon store, and if you buy one, I get credit.

1. The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard.

Willard teaches philosophy. He writes about spiritual formation, about becoming more like Jesus. It’s dense writing. It’s changing my life. Willard assumes the Kingdom of God started.

2. Relentless Grace by Rich Dixon

Rich Dixon has written here often. Recently, Rich sent me a copy of his memoir. I read it this week and want to recommend it to you. Years ago, Rich fell off a roof. As a result, he can’t walk.  This is an honest account of his recovery process, physically and spiritually. I’d give more details, but I’d rather you read his posts or his book.

3. Searching for God knows what by Donald Miller

This is Miller’s theology book. It feels like Blue Like Jazz, only more about God than about Don.

4-5. Practice Resurrection: a conversation on growing up in Christ
The Contemplative Pastor both by Eugene Peterson

Peterson was a pastor, wrote “The Message”, and challenges me to slow down. The first book uses the book of Ephesians to talk about how we can grow up as followers of Jesus. The second is for me, to help me grow up.

6. My new Bible

I’m not sure how many Bibles I have. I just bought a new one. It’s a large print. Suddenly, reading the Bible is easier than ever.

7. StrengthsFinder 2.0

Just did this with an administration class I’m teaching and I wrote about it back in January. This book (and online test) helps identify your top 5 strengths (from 34).

That’s me. What are you reading to learn about God these days?

2 thoughts on “Still learning

  1. Jay Johnson

    I’m a huge fan of StrengthsFinder 2.0. We’ve implemented a training program at my work to help people discover and play to their stregths. It’s been a life-changing experience.


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