so he got up from the meal

Your team has been fighting hard on this product launch. You’ve spent three years trying to get it right.

You’ve done extensive market research. You’ve talked with everyone in the whole country, it seems like, multiple times. In fact, your team split up into 6 teams to do focus groups in different parts of the country. The response was overwhelming positive.

Well, almost overwhelmingly.

You are facing a lot of resistance in a couple of demographic segments. Several leaders have been following you around the country, standing on the edge of product demonstrations. Sometimes they ask questions; mostly they take notes.

Through everything, however, the team leader isn’t phased. He gets tired, sure, and sometimes he wanders off on his own. But when he is on his game, he is on. Most people love having him around. They are drawn to him. And he takes time and talks and touches. People leave feeling better.

Just this week, there was a huge spontaneous parade. The word of mouth had spread throughout town. Everyone was watching. The team is standing on the brink of something huge, some major turning point.

Tonight, the team is together for dinner.  Everyone is feeling relaxed. You deserve this night. You hate to admit it, but you kind of missed having the servant by the door.  It would be nice to have someone serving you for once. Life on the road has been pretty tough. Lots of miles.

As you are sitting here, looking around, feeling pretty cool, you feel someone undo your sandals. At last. the servant showed up. It’s about time.  You look for Jesus.  You’re pretty sure the pay for this servant will be cut.

But Jesus isn’t sitting in his seat. Probably complaining to management about the help.

At least your feet feel better.

3 thoughts on “so he got up from the meal

  1. Matches Malone

    In every revolution there is one man with a vision….

    No, that’s not right. Hmmm….

    I’m all for my feet feeling better, and if this is the sermon about Jesus cleaning the disciples’ feet, then by all means, I’ll be Peter, and ask for my head to be washed as well 🙂


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