I did it.


It’s what many people think that Christians are about. Including many Christians.

Well, not so much that they are about sin, but that they make a big deal about sin, that they go around pointing out sin, that they are particularly skilled at confessing other people’s sins And at some point in the pointing out, the sins of gossip and judgmentalism are pointed out and conversation shifts.

It’s too bad. We need more conversation about sin. More accurately, we need more conversation about not ignoring the presence of sin.

As you may know, I’ve had the idea of paring on my mind this week. I’m trying to understand what paring means for those following Jesus. The other day, for another project, I was skimming through Proverbs 28 and read

He who conceals his sins does not prosper,
but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

I realized that we often spend a lot of energy on concealing sin, from ourselves, from each other, from God. Even if we aren’t sure we know what counts as sin, even if we aren’t sure what sin is, exactly. we know an ache of things not being right. And we stuff it down. And we cover it over.

I’m not, by the way, trying to talk you into an ache.

The newsflash isn’t that there is sin, that there is the pain of hiding our screwups. The newsflash is that there is forgiveness.

When Jesus said,

“The time has come … The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!”

he wasn’t announcing a burden. He was offering relief.

You know how when you’ve done that really stupid thing you know was wrong, and you just can’t look at the person you hurt, and then they say, “I forgive you”?

Like that.

My friend Chris talked about paring this weekend, asking “Are there things you could (should?) pare back?” It made me think. This week, I’ll be looking at some of the trimming that Jesus talks about.

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5 thoughts on “I did it.

  1. Frank Reed

    When you point your finger cuz your plan fell through, you got three more fingers pointin’ back at you …….

    Looking at my own sin and asking for the true grace of God and his forgiveness of my sin is hard but the most freeing act I can do.

    Everyone sins. Admitting it and moving on is the trick. Admitting it to just anyone in this world has no value though because it can be used against you by someone else (even a trusted person …. been there, done that and have have every T-shirt). Why would that happen? Because they are a sinner just like me. That’s not an accusation that’s just a fact.

    Truly admitting sin to Jesus for real forgiveness is amazing. And the best part? He eagerly awaits this from us. He’s not burdened by it rather we are unburdened. Matthew 11 28-30 tells of that promise.

    Very cool.


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