yes, I know.

I know that technically it is fall. At least in the northern hemisphere.

I know that it is almost the end of September, the end of the first three-quarters of 2010.

I know that there is a huge amount left undone so far this year.

I know that there are many things that can still be done this year.

I know that years are irrelevant by themselves, but they serve as markers, as external evidence that time is passing.

I know that I can talk at length about paring activities, about resting, about trusting, but that until I do it, all the talking about it is irrelevant. I know that is part of what James meant when he said, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

I know that to say, “That was a great sermon yesterday” or even to have preached that sermon or taught that lesson is all very nice, but unless it connects to some action of some sort (other than looking for some other sermon or teaching another lesson), the comment or the teaching isn’t terribly worthwhile.

I know that the response to the list of things that I know is not to say, “I will buckle down and do even more.”

Actually, I know that is one response.

However, I know that a far more effective response is to say, “So God. It’s Monday. Can I go to work with you today? Because I’ve heard that it’s ‘take your child to work’ day. Somewhere it has to be.” And I’d way rather go to work with you than go anywhere else without you. And I’m tired of coming up with the “Make God Happy” to-do list. I keep missing. So can I please work with you?”

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “yes, I know.

  1. Frank Reed

    This one just made me smile.

    The idea of me being a part of a ‘tae your child to work’ day with God is just awesome.

    Thanks for the thought, Jon and please keep going to work with the Lord. It sure is a blessing for people like me.


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