An Advent reader

Sorry to bother you. I know it’s Saturday. But tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent, and I thought some of the people who visit 300 words might be interested in an Advent reader.

Three years ago, I wrote an Advent series at I looked at the idea of anticipation, trying to see through the eyes of the people in the book of Luke.

The following year, I published those posts as an ebook. You can get it as a PDF (Anticipation) or as an ebook through yudu. (Anticipation-yudu).

(And if you don’t have printing resources, send an email with your snailmail address and I’ll send you a copy –  jnswanson [at] gmail [dot] com. If you are getting this by email, you can probably just hit reply.)

It’s designed to run the 25 days of December, with the first reading on next Wednesday. I know that the ebook says 2008, but December 1 is December 1, regardless of the year.

Thanks for your time. You can go back to your regularly scheduled Saturday activities now.

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