8 ways to get better at following – part two

(Read part one yesterday)

5. Stop for a bit. Most of us have heard about sabbaticals. A sabbatical is a break from something. It could be taking a day each week with electronic devices turned off or six months away from work. The idea of sabbatical is rooted in the idea of sabbath. God told Moses to tell the people of Israel to take one day off every seven days. It lets you think. It lets you rest. It reminds you that you can’t do everything.

6. Read the Bible. Some people read through the Bible every year. Some people spend the whole year rereading one book. Both work. Either way, you  learn more about following Jesus. If you read the whole thing in a year, you will see the broad sweep of the intertwining stories. If you spend the whole year on one book, studying it, looking at the ideas, applying them to life, you will end up know one book really well. Either approach is better than not looking at all.

7. Talk to the one you are following. We have a hundred words for talking to other people. When it comes to God, we have “pray.” But I’m thinking that an important part of following is going beyond praying to talking with, shouting at, crying with, laughing with, chuckling about, smiling at, and singing to God. At the very least, it makes sense to regularly say “God, where are you going? Can you help me catch up?”

8. Do something. Sometimes we are afraid of going too far ahead of God. Sometimes we worry that God will be mad if we do merely good things instead of the best thing. Sometimes we sit, paralyzed. While we wait, we can try this:

To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.