Done with solitaire.

Picture this.

You are sitting in a room. Solitaire is on the screen in front of you. You are clicking on the cards, getting the numbers lined up, getting the board cleaned off. Except it you have some cards left. So you try again.

Someone walks into the room. The person stands for a moment. You keep playing. The person says your name.

You hear it, sort of. You think about replying but the intention disappears as you see that the 3 will go on the 4. And the 6 will go on the 7.

You realize that the person walked out of the room. And you try to decide whether to go looking for them, knowing that they wanted you, or you get upset that they didn’t do more to interrupt your game of solitaire. Or you move the 10 onto the jack.

I sit in that room all the time.

I’m working on following Jesus better.

I don’t mean that I’m trying to prove how good I am as a follower. I don’t mean that I’m trying to measure up somehow. I don’t mean that I’m trying to be a better Christian (or even a good Christian man). I don’t mean that I’m terrified that I’ll be judged or that I want to look more spiritual.I don’t mean that I’m trying to earn anything from God.

I simply mean that I am paying attention to paying attention. I am taking steps to take steps. I am listening to what I am hearing.

It means, of course, that I am looking for the places where Jesus has asked us to do things. And that I’m deciding that request applies to me. And I’m asking for help.

It’s hard. Paying attention means learning how to pay attention.

But I don’t want to keep playing solitaire.

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4 thoughts on “Done with solitaire.

  1. Frank Reed

    Jon – About halfway through I got distracted and missed the rest of it ………. Learning what needs to be done and then seeing what needs to be done to accomplish it is tough. The world wants us to play solitaire. It wants us to be self-centered. It wants us to promote ourselves and our needs over anything else. Fighting the word is what takes real attention. It’s a fight and until we recognize it as such we will lose.



  2. Joseph Ruiz

    Jon, it’s that Practicing the Presence of God thing. I like what you said about learning to pay attention. That’s one of my greatest challenges. I start the day determined to listen. to ask God for help, to thank him for his participation next thing I know it’s mid afternoon and I haven’t given him the slightest thought.

    I am glad his mercies are new every morning and he is steadfast in his commitment to me (and to us).

    I love to play solitaire so the example really hit home, even though I don’t really play it very often it really captures the essence of the challenge.

    Feels comforting to know I am not the only one struggling with this.

    Grace and Peace


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