and does it.

I’m away from a good connection right now. So this is a quick post. But I had a thought. What if you and I took one of the many things I’ve explained from Jesus’ teachings and did it.

I mean, rather than looking for something new, we did something we learned.

I’ll try.

4 thoughts on “and does it.

  1. Matches Malone

    Once heard someone, probably a pastor/teacher, ok, it was Dr Dino say, “If you’re not doing something for the Lord, then do something!” That may be a paraphrase, and furthermore, he was probably attempting to motivate working for God in some way that you know how.

    So, when you get a good connection, and I’m sure that He’ll allow it at some point, I’d like another 300 words or so on what I just tried to explain to you 😉


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