declaration of freedom.

You’ve been sitting quietly in that corner for a long time.

At first it seemed that you were not connecting, not really interested. From the look on your face and the way your body turned away from everyone, it seemed like you just didn’t want to be part of what was going on. You were showing up, but not really here.

It wasn’t always like this. At one point in your life you were engaged. You chatted, laughed, danced. But then something happened. Your back stiffened. No reason. Nothing you lifted. And there was a burden on your heart that was just the same. No reason. But there was a cloud.

So you show up every Sabbath, listening to teaching, being present for the community, but not part of it.

Then today Jesus came. And taught. And looking between the people sitting up straight, sitting like people are supposed to sit, Jesus saw you and decided to make a spectacle.

“Come up here,” he said.

To the front of the crowd. Moving slowly. Looking at the floor. Rolling your eyes to see Jesus til your head hurt.

“Woman,” he said. “You are set free from your infirmity.”

Just like that. In front of everyone. Jesus talked about freedom and you.

And then he touched you. In front of everyone he put his hand on your waist-level head, straight out from his waist, no need to raise his hand. And whatever it was that was keeping you bent was gone. You stood up. You praised God.

You cared little for the subsequent debate over how best to use the sabbath. The abstract religious arguments of the Pharisees were of no interest any more. You were bent. Now you stand.

Freedom indeed.

For the body and heart bent double, release is sweet.

Luke 13:10-17