Renewing the mission – a repost

(First published September 9, 2009)

Bosses need to review the mission of the organization. Some people say that every 28 days the mission should be reviewed, renewed. Leaders need to be clear about purpose, about passion, about direction. It helps bring about alignment in the organization.

When Jesus told the disciples that they were on their way to watching him be killed, he was doing what bosses, leaders, teachers are supposed to do. And this is the third time that Jesus has told them this in the last few chapters of Matthew. (Though whether he was meeting the 28 days requirement or not, I don’t know.)

On one hand, this looks like a strange management strategy. After all, most people in most organizations I know would listen to their boss say that he was on his way to be killed and would talk to the board about medical leave for him.

On the other hand, this isn’t an organization. This is not a business. This is not an association or a social club or a lecture series. This is Jesus and a group of twelve guys who have become a band of brothers, a team, a family. They have been laughed at together. They have been in the wilderness together. They have seen things that no one else in the history of the world has ever seen. Though they don’t understand everything, and they will still completely fumble the ball and lose sight of the mission, they are the disciples, the followers.

I’m a little sad as I write. I’m afraid of telling people, sometimes, that if we follow Jesus our kids will still die and we will still suffer depression and we will still lose jobs.

Of course, Jesus also mentioned that after all that stuff happened to him, he would be raised to life.

There is that.

One thought on “Renewing the mission – a repost

  1. Frank Reed


    The way the world is running these days (and most days in the past as well) is that those who have a message of “We’ll change everything and you will all be happy!” run up against reality pretty quickly. As a result they are exposed as frauds or just naive.

    These words can never out run the fact that sin is the dominant player in all lives whether you choose to own it or not.

    There is no one on earth that has been able to overcome this. With Christ, however, I am finally seeing that there can be, dare I say, joy in the suffering because it forces you to confront the truth and reality of this life. Once you get rooted in reality the bad news of the world can be seen through the lens of Christ suddenly, at least to me, it’s not quite as bad as I thought.

    Counter intuitive to those who don’t Him I suppose. I can only pray that they might see it some day.

    Take care.


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